Companion Animal Genetic Health Conference


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A Healthy Companionship: The Genetics of Health in Dogs

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The Genetic Health of Companion Animals

Abstract submission for Edinburgh 2020 is now available.

A UK-based scientific conference dedicated to genetic health issues.
Companion Animal Genetic Health

Our inspiration for this conference stems from the growing number of researchers in the UK who are currently investigating the genetics of important health issues in dogs - we thought an opportunity to meet, present and share our research findings in the UK would be welcome.

For the Healthy Companionship conference we will invite abstracts from all interested participants, and will plan a programme that reflects as broad a range of ongoing studies as possible. There will also be the possibility to present posters.

Conference Committee

Cathryn Mellersh

Principal Organiser
Head of Canine Genetics at the Animal Health Trust

Current Research Interests
Understanding the genetics of inherited disease in the dog.


Principal Organiser
Chancellors Fellow at Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Current Research Interests
Genetic, genomic, and phenotyping approaches to studying the biological mechanisms that underlie canine morphology and disease.

Lucy Davison

MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC)

Current Research Interests
Genetic and environmental basis of complex disease with a special interest in diabetes mellitus, whole genome sequencing and single cell transcriptomics.

Androniki Psifidi

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Genetics at the RVC

Current Research Interests
Genetics and functional genomics of host resistance to disease across species aiming to assist breeding programmes to control disease.