October 19, 2023


A PDF of the CAGH Abstract Book will be available to download.

Tuesday 7th November 2023

We will be having a meet-and-greet session on Tuesday evening from 20:00 at The Royal Dick (Summerhall), everybody is very welcome!

Wednesday 8th November 2023

09:15-09:30Welcome & Announcements
09:30-09:50Sponsor Talk
Joanna Ilska - Breeding for improvement in canine health
09:50-10:30Session 1 - Chair: Eleanor Raffan
Pascale Quignon - Searching the genetic causes of canine epilepsy as a model for human epilepsy
Katherine Stanbury - Multiocular Defect in the Old English Sheepdog: A canine form of Stickler syndrome type II associated with a missense variant in the collagen-type Gene COL11A1
10:30-10:50Tea/Coffee Break
10:50-11:20Poster introductions (odd numbered posters)
11:20-12:20Poster session
12:20-12:30Housekeeping & Announcements
12:20-13:30Lunch sponsored by Neogen
13:30-14:50Session 2 - Chair: Pam Wieners
Suvi Mäkeläinen - Solving the “cold case” of Dalmatian chondrodysplasia
Pascale Quignon - Searching the genetic bases of neuropathies in several dog breeds as models for human neuropathies: identification of a RETREG1 variant in purebred German spitz
Sally Ricketts - Idiopathic epilepsy in the Border Collie: using genome-wide association study and whole genome sequencing approaches to identify genetic risk factors
Audrey Martin - A simulation tool to support the implementation of genomic selection in the UK guide dogs’ population
14:50-15:10Tea/Coffee Break
15:10-15:40Poster introductions (even numbered posters)
11:20-12:20Poster session
19:00Conference Dinner at The Scotch Whisky Experience (extra purchase required)

Thursday 9th November 2023

09:10-10:10Session 3 - Chair: Cathryn Mellersh
Amy Ross - Investigating the functional role of genes associated with the genetic risk of catastrophic fracture in Thoroughbred racehorses
Keyi Tang - Using CRISPR-based whole genome screening to discover molecular targets in canine oral melanoma
Charlotte Cuffe - Examining differences in chromatin accessibility between two equine muscles with different primary functions
Anna Morros-Nuevo - Canine Obesity: Relationships between genetic risk of obesity, food motivation and impact of environmental factors on phenotype
10:10-10:50Tea/Coffee Break
10:50-12:10Session 4 - Chair: Tomas Bergström
Jonas Donner - Uncovering canine trait-driven disease associations using data from electronic medical records
Esther Palomino Lago - Using genomic approaches to detect the underlying molecular mechanisms for catastrophic fracture in Thoroughbred horses
Natalie Wallis - GWAS in Labrador retrievers identifies novel obesity genes in dogs and humans
Alyce McClellan - GWAS to function: A canine obesity GWAS reveals DENND1B as novel regulator of energy homeostasis
12:10-12:30Wrap Up & Lunch